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TDS Return Service

TDS return has to be submitted with any person who’s responsible to withhold tax at source. A TDS Return is a quarterly announcement that needs to be filed into the Income Tax Department of India. Distributing TDS return is compulsory in the event that you’re a deductor. It will comprise all particulars of TDS deducted and deducted with you for a specific quarter.

The very first dependence on submitting a TDS return is to procure a valid TAN (tax-deduction accounts amount ).

You need to evaluate in the event that you must deduct TDS on payments. Commonly, All Sorts of payments for example Salaries, Fascination Rate, Professional Costs, Cost for Contractors, Lease of all Equipment, Hire of Creating and so on are all insured underneath liable payments.

You will find prescribed rates for every single form of TDS installments below the tax act 1961.


Different Types of TDS return forms:

1. TDS return Form 24Q: Record for taxation deducted at source from salaries.

2 .TDS return Form 26Q: Record for taxation deducted at source on all payments aside from salaries.

3. TDS return Form 27Q: Record to get a tax deduction on earnings received in interest rates, or some additional sum payable on nonresidents.

4. TDS return Form 27EQ: Document of collection of tax at source.

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tds return service

tds return service

Required Documents For TDS Return

1 . Tax deduction Account Number (FIRM/COMPANY)



4. ADDRESS Proof







TDS Return is a quarterly statement submitted by the deductor every quarter end to the Income Tax Department. The statement shows a summary of all the entries for TDS collected including deductee’s details by the deductor and the TDS paid by the deductor to the Income Tax Authority.

There is no need to file to file TDS return if no tax has been deducted at source.
After depositing all payments for relevant quarter one can file TDS return.
You must hold a valid TAN and it should be registered for e-filing and Your TDS statements should be prepared using Return Preparation Utility (RPU) and validated using File Validation Utility (FVU) You can prepare your returns in an easy manner with the help of professionals, you should have a valid DSC registered for e-filing if you wish to upload using DSC or the principal contact’s PAN should be linked with Aadhar if you wish to upload using EVC

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