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ROC Filing

ROC Filing

What is ROC Filing?

One must be aware that every company which is Registrationed in India must file annual returns with Registrar of Companies (ROC) every year. It is to be noted that every company includes private limited, limited company, one Person Company and section 8 companies. A company is required to conduct an Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is then followed by filing annual accounts with ROC. It is to be noted that an AGM must be held within 6 months from the end of the financial year i.e. 30th September every year. In case of new companies, first AGM should be held within 18 months from the date of incorporation or 9 months from the close of financial year whichever is earlier.

Also Companies Act 2013 mandates that your financial year should start from 1st April and end on 31st March

roc filing

Which are the forms needed to be filed with ROC?

A company is required to file three forms with ROC:

1. ROC Form MGT 7:

This form contains the detail of shareholding structure, changes in directorship and details of the transfer of shares during a financial year if any. Due date for ROC Form MGT 7 would be 28th November that is 60 days from the conclusion of an AGM

2. ROC Form AOC4:

Now this form contains the detail and annexure relating to Balance Sheet of the Company, Profit & Loss Account, Compliance Certificate, Registrationed Office Address, Registration of Member, Shares and Debentures details, Debt details and information about the Management of the Company. The due date for ROC Form AOC 4 would be 29th October i.e. 30 days from the conclusion of the AGM.

3. ROC Form ADT 1:

This form is filed for the appointment of an auditor. The due date for ROC Form ADT 1 would be 14th October i.e., within 15 days from the conclusion of an AGM.

roc filing

What are the Penalties for Non compliance in company return filing?

Very important to note is that non-filing of the Annual returns with ROC may attract hefty penalties. These are over and above normal fees charged by MCA and there is no way to reduce the penalties.

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