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GST Registration In Thane, Mumbai

Goods , Service and Tax

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime has replaced and simplified the procedure of indirect taxation.

GST registration is mandatory for several traders or entities having turnover over a predetermined threshold limit. Enroll in GST through top-notch services provided by Bashmakh & Co, The enrollment in GST through us makes it possible for entities and individuals to concentrate on the core business without even worrying about any hassles or delay in Compliances.

Know GST Registration Procedure & Process in India

Entities and organizations in Mumbai across India have to Apply the GST Registration on the web. Those Entities which needn’t bother the threshold may enroll on a voluntary basis.


GST Registration In Thane

The GST registration procedure starts with understanding the business and gathering all the required documents, Bashmakh & Co (CA firm in Thane) spare loads of significant efforts and time through simple administrations in regards to new GST enlistment, change of GST registration and undoing of GST registration.

Various Information and documents are to be uploaded on GST website. Once registration form is uploaded successfully, the applicant will get Application Reference Number online.

If dealers have several branches in various states, they need to get the registration for every single location.

Eligibility for GST Register Number

GST Registration isn’t compulsory for people/Business who only deals in exempted goods/services. But, GST Registration is mandatory for the following people/substances:

1.Those selected underneath the pre-GST regulation (Excise, Service Tax, VAT, etc.)

2.Any business whose turnover in a financial year exceeds Rs. 20 Lakhs (40 lakhs in case of supply of pure goods in Maharashtra).

3.People who pay tax under reverse Charge mechanism.

4.Entities in e-commerce or distribution of products and services via e-commerce operators.

5.People qualified to receive TDS (tax deducted at source).

6.Entities who deal in intra state etc.

GST Registration In Thane

Here are the documents required to Apply GST Registration in Mumbai:

1. PAN card of business

2. Proof of business registration

3. Identity and Address proof

4. Business’ address proof

5. Bank account statements/ cancelled cheque

6. Aadhaar card

7. Digital Signature

Get your GST registered from one of the 1000+ Customers Trusted GST registration consultants in Mumbai.


GST Registration Fees

You can choose Bashmakh for Goods And Services Tax (GST) Registration services where our Chartered accountant expert will assist you, end to end with GST Registration.

Our CA Team will file your GST Application within 24 hours. Complete Online Process.

Have a query related to gst registration cost? Call us on (+91) 8779526602 for a complete free consultation regarding all of your GST Registration queries.



Goods & Service Tax Registration is the mandatory process for all type of person involved in business of buying and selling of Goods or providing services if their turnover crosses a certain threshold limit. GST Registration is required for obtaining a Unique GST No., which is GSTIN. GST registration will further help all persons conducting business to collect taxes from their customers and render to the government. Further all such GST Registrationed users can claim input tax, which they’ve paid on inward supplies.
As there was multitier system existing in India before, GST is a single tier system of taxation. GST Registration is a process through which a person doing business get a Unique No. which comprises of 15 digits. These 15 digits are nothing but the combination of PAN No. and the respective state code under which GSTIN is allotted. As mentioned earlier, GST Registration becomes compulsory if the turnover of any business crosses 20 or 40 Lakhs threshold limit, but also GST registration is voluntary in nature too.

GST Registration is done via Online GST portal i.e., www.gst.gov.in . If one opts to take GST Registration from a Chartered Accountant then their charges may vary. These charges are decided voluntarily by CAs and other consultants. Also it is advisable for any person, who either falls in compulsory GST registration category or he/she wants to take GST Registration voluntarily, that they should do under professional guidance so as to avoid any error. Seeking professional support is protective shield not only in terms of services but also in terms of learning. Unless otherwise any professional service is taken, online GST portal charges no fee for the registration process.

Process of GST Registration has to be performed on the online portal of GST i.e., www.gst.gov.in. Initiating with filling up correct business details, this registration process takes you to a lengthy tour divided into two Parts viz. Part A & Part B. Precisely Part A deals with filling of details whereas Part B deals more of submitting the relevant documents such business address proof, Aadhar etc. One very important portion of the whole process is to provide correct contant no. and correct communicating email address. This is not only required in the registration process but also your mobile no. & email Id will be the OTP (one time password) tool throughout the journey of GST law. For other persons like a Company, DSC (Digital signature certificate) is required, even at the time of registration under GST law.

Yes for any small business in India, GST registration is required. Let it be supplying of goods or services in other states or having e-commerce business, GST registration or obtaining GSTIN becomes mandatory irrespective of the threshold limit of 40 lakhs, in case of manufacturing unit or 20 lakhs, in case of service provider. On the other hand if you have a small business and want to generate tax invoice for any of your client, then GST Number would be required. Also where your are liable to pay under Reverse charge mechanism i.e., paying on behalf of your supplier of services or goods, where your supplier is Registrationed under RCM- Reverse Charge Mechanism, GST No. is required. In India Businesses involved in Export/ import business will have to mandatorily obtain the GST No. Further there are many cases which prove that if we are conducting business in India, small or large scale, we require GST No. compulsorily without which it would become impossible to transact the business routines on daily basis.
GST number is received within 3 working days from the point of generation of Application Reference Number (ARN); but again it should be approved by the GST officer. More specifically working days should be excluded correctly such as all national holidays, relative state holidays, Saturdays & Sundays should be excluded from the calculation of working days. On the contrary, it the GST officer does not approves the application due to some reasons, and then it would take 7 working days from the point of reapplication for the GST Registration.

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