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Inventory Audit Services

In an inventory audit process, the auditor utilizes various analytical procedures to check the organization’s inventory methods and affirm that the money related records and actual count of products coordinate. An inventory audit is one of the auditing procedures that is generally accepted.

How to audit inventory?

Inventory is a key resource in a company’s budget summaries, as it tends to be utilized as insurance for bank credits and furthermore can be misused for false revealing purposes. Companies ordinarily set up interior controls, for example, a custodian of stock or an isolation of obligations between the overseer of stock and the person with access to the unending records, to decrease dangers of inventory fraud or misappropriation.

Presence refers to whether the inventory is actually present. Rights allude to whether the company undergoing the audit actually owns the rights to the goods. Valuation alludes to pricing, as well as any impairment issues. Fulfillment addresses whether all the goods that ought to be recorded are completely recorded.

The act of having auditor perception at the inventory check

Bashmakh & Co delivers top tier auditing services for inventory, fixed assets and activities. Our group incorporates certified auditors and trained professionals with vast experience in dealing with businesses of any size, area, and level of complexity.

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