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Applicability & Non Applicability

E Invoice is applicable to all B2B Invoices, after generating E Invoice a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) will get generated. Currently E invoice is applicable to business which have turnover more than 50cr but from 1st April, 2022 E Invoice is applicable to all Businesses which have Turnover of more than 20cr. So which business is exempted from E Invoice, let’s discuss below

  • 1. Banking Co, Insurer Co & other Financial Institutions.
  • 2. A (GTA) Goods Transport Agency.
  • 3. A Registered person supplying passenger transportation services.
  • 4. A registered person supplying services by way of admission to the exhibition of cinematographic films in multiplex services
  • 5. An SEZ Unit.
  • 6. Government Department and Local Authority.

How to generate/upload:

The Invoice Registration portal (IRP) is the platform to upload the E-invoice. The IRP generates and returns unique Invoice reference number (IRN), digitally signed e invoice and QR code to the user.

After uploading of Invoice on the Invoice Registration Portal, all Invoices will flow to GSTR1 and also you can generate E Way bill. There are various mediums to upload Invoices on IRP, such as Excel Tool by generating JSON file, API integrated Software, Web Based or through any GST Suvidha Provider or through any Professional. Only registered persons can generate E Invoice. Users can upload Bulk Invoices also.

Whether Invoice can be changed after Uploading?:

E invoice cannot be edited or changed, it needs to be canceled fully. On cancellation, it must be reported to the IRN within 24 hours. So thereafter one cannot cancel Invoice and it must be manually cancelled on the GST portal.

Auto Population in GSTR 1 :

On Successful uploading of Invoices on IRP, all details will be auto populate in GSTR 1 of the Supplier, this doesn’t mean you have filed GSTR 1, that’s need to be done manually, only your Invoice uploading work will get reduce or NIL subject to any changes.

Note: E Invoice can be checked by any person on the E Invoice portal or can be easily verified with the QR code scanner by using a mobile app.

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